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DIGITALKONTOR is committed to innovative digital processes that simplify, automate and accelerate our workflows. Online and offline interlock and strengthen the stationary retail trade.

DATE: Octobre 2019



Up to now, 3D volume data had to be laboriously linked to an overall view in order to become a configured product using manually programmed routines. With this innovative development we have created a template that can equip a product with configuration features, which can then be displayed in AR against a real background and distributed web-based. The tool enables the desired element to be displayed virtually in proportion on site against a real background and to be changed and parameterised in real time according to the configuration parameters. This tool is intended to reduce the planning time for shopfitting elements, thus also reducing the costs of engineering services. The tool serves as a multi-functional platform for taking up volume models, equipping them with configurations and parameters and displaying them virtually 1:1 in augmented reality at the actual construction site.

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