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Our typical projects are always customer-specific. They are all part of digitisation, the Internet of Things or mixed reality applications. Preparing correlations in an understandable way and automating business processes, in short, creating added value.

Augmented Reality App

Augmented Reality App, which displays the process of an injection moulding machine in three dimensions and dynamically. In detail, all mould elements of a blow moulding tool are shown in its cycle for blow moulding a PET bottle.

Interactive Window-App 

This app helps visual merchandisers to virtually design different sized shop windows with elements from a menu with previously created POS graphics on site, to save and share the result and to obtain approval if necessary. It facilitates and accelerates the planning and coordination process.

Schweizer - MediLens
Responsive Website

We designed a new web presence for the spectacle lens specialist Schweizer Optik for its new lens range. All important properties and effects of the special lenses are visible and recognisable at a glance. The website is supplemented by a separate login for the specialist dealers.

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